March 7, 2016 | By DPL Festive Management

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.” 
Mahatma Gandhi


If you are honest for a moment, you would recall your days in school when all you longed for was for the lunch bell to go off. Probably your guardian had already fed you with heavy breakfast and maybe packed some snack for you but still the hunger would grip you especially if you were in the middle of a mathematics or science lesson. Concentrating can be difficult when your stomach is “grumbling for its right”




That may not be the case for countless other kids out there, where a single meal, not even the three recommended meals are guaranteed. It’s hard enough to be on an empty stomach and it’s even harder when you have to read and focus on your studies while feeling hungry. Festive bread saw this gap and sort to play a part in enriching the lives of young pupils by feeding them and ensuring their well-being hence helping them to focus on their studies. Through a partnership with Shree Jalaram Satsang Mandal Mosque, Festive Bread provides enough loaves of bread to feed approximately 3,000 students in the following schools – Oasis Primary School, Kihumbini Primary school and Anad Marge School every day from Monday to Friday. All these schools are based in Kangemi.








This initiative has been going on for the last 16 years and that is as long as the partnership between DPL Festive Bread and Jay Shree Mosque has existed. Festive continues to play it’s part and is hopeful to make a difference in the lives of many more individuals and put more smiles on their faces.






DPL Festive Bread also supports an initiative by the mosque that focuses on giving out wheel chairs to the disabled people in Kenya. This support is given financially and ensures as many disabled people are given wheel chairs as possible.

A single act of kindness goes a long way and it breeds a culture of giving in our beloved society.