Half Pound Cake

Festive Half Pound Cake

Festive Half Pound Cakes, the delicious little cousins to our classic pound cakes!

These delightful cakes offer the same:

  • Soft & Moist Goodness: Baked with love and the finest ingredients, these miniature marvels melt in your mouth with every
  • bite.
  • Conveniently Sliced: Ready to share or enjoy solo, these cakes come pre-sliced for ultimate grab-and-go ease.
  • Festive Flavors: Choose from a variety of crowd-pleasing options:
    • Classic Chocolate: Rich and decadent, perfect for any chocoholic.
    • Vanilla Bean Dream: Bursting with the pure sweetness of real vanilla bean.
    • Blueberry Burst: Fresh blueberries in every bite for a delightful taste of summer.
    • Coffee Cake Craving: A delightful pick-me-up with layers infused with fresh coffee flavor.

Our Festive Half Pound Cakes are perfect for:

  • Individual indulgence: Satisfy your sweet tooth without overindulging.
  • Small gatherings: The perfect treat for a cozy get-together.
  • Gift-giving: Share a touch of sweetness with someone special.