DPL Food Safety Policy and Quality Statement

DPL Festive is a leading producer of high-quality wheat products inclusive of breads, buns, and related confectionaries. We understand that food safety is a fundamental requirement in the production process, and we aim to ensure that we eliminate all possibility of harm in our products.

We have also made sure that our supply chain meets the highest of standards so as to safeguard our products from all forms of threats. DPL Festive outsources ingredients and raw products from credible suppliers, as well as ensuring that our business processes comply with all legislative and codes of practices.

In order to ensure that there is consistency and continuous improvement of quality, we have implemented a Food Safety Management System, FSSC 22000. These measures help identify and mitigate risks and hazards that may affect our operations. Our food safety system is built guided by the principles of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) as well as the principles of TACCP (Threat Analysis Critical Control Points).

Here are specific principles that we stand by and commit to;

  • Ensuring that DPL Festive bread and buns are produced in hygienic conditions, away from any sources of contaminants.
  • We ensure that all our employees are competent and are provided with relevant training and tools to help them maintain high standards of operation.
  • All work is highly supervised in order to ensure that safety policies and operation standards are not contravened.
  • We closely monitor and constantly audit our suppliers and contractors so as to ensure that they observe high food safety standards.
  • We ensure that all internal and external communications are well established so as to aptly address any arising issues.

The performance of our food safety management system is a key consideration in every safety management review meeting. DPL Festive continually innovates and searches for new ways to improve on the food safety management systems. We review this policy annually in order to keep it relevant to the required safety standards in the industry.

Dipesh Shah
Managing Director