About Us

DPL Festive Limited was founded in the year 2000, in Nairobi. Through the years, we have been the proud manufacturers of Festive Bread, which is nutritious, smooth, and tasty.

Over the years our research team has perfected the art of identifying the best raw materials and quality ingredients to produce quality bread. From our first ovens of Italian Technology to our current state-of-the-art German Thermador, we have always given priority to quality through ensuring thorough supervision and minimum human interaction during the production process.

We have a wide range of bread products from which every member of our diversified society can select depending on their preferences.


We believe success comes down to three things — outstanding bread, customer satisfaction, and a clean baking environment. It is easy to say, but it takes a strong commitment to consistently execute. Attention to detail, putting our customers’ needs first and a deep desire to be a great company that helps make Festive bread food for all occasions.

Future Prospect

To diversify our range of products further to include other wheat-based products, as well as expand our distribution channels to ensure that as many people as possible get access to our quality products