March 23, 2016 | By DPL Festive Management

Anand Marga means ‘TAKING THE PATH OF REJOICING.’ This is a school that consists of nursery, primary and Secondary school all in one compound. Interesting, right? But look at it this way, it gives motivation to the young ones in that they aim to get to the top class i.e. Form 4 and even further


Despite the fact that they are all together in one space, there is so much order, love and togetherness.



They share the resources they have because they have gotten to learn the spirit of togetherness. So each time we visit these children all that welcomes us are smiles especially form the little ones.

Lesson time is serious time and the elder students take that very seriously after all we are brought up knowing that “EDUCATION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS.”





They eagerly wait for their mealtime which they happily term as “CELEBRATION TIME.” This is the time you get to fill your stomach after mixing a few chemicals in the laboratory or after singing nursery rhymes the whole day. It doesn’t matter whether you have a cup or a plate as long as you get to eat.




We provide these children with bread every Monday to Friday but this particular day we decided to spend time and celebrate with them being that Easter is just around the corner. Happy Easter to you all!