March 15, 2016 | By DPL Festive Management

The look in their faces speaks volumes and the agony in their eyes can tell of a not so easy and pleasant

life. They wish they had a place to call home but all this is just not possible. Some are young, some are

old. Their slogan is ‘SURVIVAL FOR THE FITTEST.’


They have high spirits and are cheerful always. They have accepted the life they have now and wish for

more but who will speak for them? Who will fight for them? They have a lot to tell since they have seen

it all (some from a very young age)


They are hopeful for a better tomorrow each day. A smile in their faces is all that you could wish to see.

We call them ‘chokoraas’ while others call them ‘street children.’


Do we ever stop to think that they are human too and that they need the same care we do? Many of us

pass them in the street everyday and never care to know the challenges they go through. Have you ever

taken a minute just to have a conversation with them? Brilliant they are, hardened and taught by life



All they can do is pray that tomorrow will be better and will come with its own blessings.


DPL Festive assists them with daily bread so they can find the strength to face each day. At our bakeries we seek to feed the whole nation and not just a certain class of people in our beloved society.‘

A helping hand never lacks’